I've been listening to Michael Isikoff's Conspiracyland podcast about the Seth Rich murder and how it spun into the right-wing conspiracy mongering in their deepest desire to try to clear the Russians from any wrongdoing. The reason? So as to clear the President from being a usurper and pretender because, deep down, he knows, and they know, that he is not legitimate. And the people who planted this "theory" in the first place that Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC in the first place? Well, the very Russians that the right-wing are trying to exonerate. If you haven't listened to it, I recommend that you do. In fact, I recommend that everyone does. It is one of the best political podcasts of the year so far and it explains a whole heck of a lot in detail about this sorry mess we are in. It explains the deep ties about Fox News to these conspiracy theorists and how they use them to try to pursue their own agenda, and how the lies are spread online and in the media, and how the Russians start with just a little story - just enough to get the ball rolling with the right people. And if you aren't already subscribed to Michael Isikoff's Skullduggery podcast, you should be. He is one of the best political reporters since decades in Washington D.C. and he always has insights worth listening to, as well as relevant guests to the latest stories in the news.