Goodbye Airmail

So, after being one of the first adopters of Airmail, the email app for Mac, and then later iOS, they finally screwed up completely. Around two weeks ago or so, they started to charge for iOS push notifications for email - $19.95/year. Push notifications for email are free on any other email app. Not only that, they did it without a single warning, and they did it with an extremely annoying pop-up screen in the app itself. And then they added an extra "feature" where extra accounts will also cost money to be added. So, after nearly ten years of using them, I've dumped them. Apparently they did roll that back and have since rescinded that to all their customers who have previously bought their apps, but frankly I no longer trust them. They only did so after a slew of us instantly raged at them and voted them from a 4.9 star app to a 2 star app overnight (and it was still plummeting). Not only that, they never apologized, and they never really said anything about it. They just "rolled it back" without saying a word after days of leaving us in the dark. So will I ever trust such a company with my email password and permissions? No. Of course not. As nice as Airmail could be (and it was nice), it was no longer needed or, at this point, wanted. I dumped it. So, on my iPhone I am now using good old iOS Mail which I haven't used since, well, forever. And, I am pleased to say, I have discovered how well it has improved! Indeed, I really don't miss Airmail all that much. To be honest, iOS Mail does the job very well. It is fast, it hasn't glitched (unlike Airmail which did have glitches here and there which could be frustrating) and the interface has certainly improved from the old days. As for my Mac, I ditched Airmail a while back when I went with mu4e in emacs. I didn't need a clunky GUI interface cluttering up my screen when I had a perfectly nice buffer which could do everything that I wanted and which is infinitely faster. Also, It's kind of nice not to have to rely on the trackpad for everything, and mu4e integrates perfectly with org-mode which, as we all know, is the best organizing software in the world and privy only to those of us invested in the Holy Order(tm). Thus, I bid Airmail a fond adieu. It's a shame because I used it gladly and happily for many years. However, I did notice (as did many others) that the quality had gone downhill as of late. So too their customer service. And now, I'll be looking into switching from Gmail to Fastmail in the near future because, frankly, I'm a little fed up with providing Gmail with free info when their privacy rules have become so unreliable as of late. My friends, let us raise a glass to The Revolution!