LinkedIn is Horrible

Me, from Twitter, a few moments ago, and I stand by it:

LinkedIn is such a crappy website. Honestly, I don't really know anyone who uses it other than SEO types (I used to be one). Basically: people who just plug URLs to each other and innocent people to "market" things. It looks like a marketing scammer place, it feels like a marketing scammer place, and it is a marketing scammer place. In fact, it's probably *the* marketing scammer place online. Also, the interface is probably one of the worst things I've ever seen. It's very, very, bad. It looks like it was designed by Microsoft back in the 1990s when they first discovered a copy of "The Wonders of DHTML!" at a bookstore and figured out that they could splash stuff across your window in every direction to get your "attention". You can tell they want to be Facebook, but the "Business" Facebook! Business, as in the way Microsoft graphically sees the way all businesses should look like. It has that "Hi, I'm a new realtor from down the street and here's my glossy card with my crappy picture on it." kind of feel to it. It's ugly; it's common; it's crass. It's something which gets pressed into your hand at a neighborhood BBQ party by some new "business person" spouting off for a while as you slowly nod your head in a delirium of agonizing boredom before dropping it quietly with silent satisfaction into the nearest bin with the rest of the burned, half-eaten, hamburgers and slimy mass of ketchup, mustard, and whatever else gets scraped off of white paper plates at a garden party. Somebody over there really needs to fix that site by trashing it, burning it, and starting it over from scratch. Because, as far as I know, nobody really *likes* it anyway. It's just something people apparently *have* to use. The opinions of insane people who revel in the beauty and usefulness of LinkdIn do not count.