I joined Mastodon a few days ago, which is an alternative to Twitter. I really like it so far. It is, of course, incredibly small, but it's nice. It's also diverse and spread out. There are different servers acting as different communities, each with standards. There is no hate speech, there are no troublemakers (as each server is run by their own admins with their own rules), and it is decentralized. So far, I've encountered mostly coders (lots of emacs users there, btw), lots of liberal people, a lot of French, German, and Japanese people, and (this is the important part) not a single person shouting at me or anyone else. Frankly, it's a bit of a Zen Garden compared to other social media. And since it's decentralized and all the rest of good stuff involved in coding projects like this, it's not only not going anywhere, it's also not going to be sold (as it can't really be sold). So, while it may stay small for a long time to come, and I really don't know if it will or won't, it certainly is not going to vanish. It might just be worth investing a little time and effort into the place if I want to steer away from all the insane, raging, incessant hatred on other "bigger" social media. Also, it's a great place to learn some great tips on coding and computing as well, and the people appear incredibly responsive and welcoming so far. Sure, maybe that's because their inboxes aren't pinging every second with new notifications from the tens of thousands they follow like they do on Twitter, but perhaps that's a good thing.