New Laptop and More

I've been incredibly busy the last two months, learning React Native, and other things. I actually got my new MacBook Pro 16" which is incredibly beautiful, as well as an iPhone XR to test on. Oh, Happy New Year, by the way. Of course, I've had to set up Spacemacs and Hugo on this new machine and get working on reconfiguring everything. I've been too busy to set everything up the way it was exactly before so far, and I didn't want to have an exact copy as it was in the past - I was going for a new experience. So I'm working with a new light theme of my own making. However, I'm currently doing all of my React code in VS Code as I started with it in the classes and I've found it to be as incredible as everyone says it is. Yes, I know it's Microsoft, but it still is an amazing program to write code in. Spacemacs is still up for various other things, however. It's always there to take notes in at the very least, although I'm starting to wonder if a lot of stuff can't be done by Apple Notes instead, as it has come an incredibly long way from when it started. But seeing as Org Mode really is the killer app, it would be hard to ever let go of that.