Spacemacs and Elfeed - Update

A wonderful update to the whole Elfeed problem in Spacemacs provided by duianto over on the Spacemacs Gitter chat is this: The problem was caused by the elfeed-goodies package and the following code eliminates all of the additions to the Spacemacs layer, making Elfeed into the default layer with the Spacemacs keybindings. Change elfeed-goodies to: #+begin_src emacs-lisp (elfeed-goodies :toggle elfeed-want-goodies) #+end_src Then: #+begin_src emacs-lisp (elfeed :variables elfeed-want-goodies nil) #+end_src Added to the layer config. I can report that it works flawlessly. No bothering sidebar and the top of the screen is defaulted back to the Elfeed default (which is nice as it tells you how many active connections there are when you're refreshing. It also renders the text in articles perfectly, and keeps the Spacemacs navigation keys intact. I couldn't be happier! Now to just fix a few fiddly things here and there, but I'm already using Spacemacs again as my main Emacs editor to see how well it's going, and I like it so far. I really did miss those vim key bindings quite a lot. Still, I'm so used to Emacs default keys that I sometimes catch myself doing some superfluous commands via the Emacs way instead of Spacemacs way. I guess in some situations, both are equally fast.