Spacemacs Light Theme

I'm bucking the trend. For the foreseeable future, I'm going to be one of those ~10% who uses a light-colored theme for his coding environment. I've loaded up spacemacs-light theme after seeing this post on turning Org Mode into a sort of word processor. I haven't actually done most of the theme this way at all, but I used it as a rough guide on how to set up a few things for a nicer light theme and it's looking pretty spectacular right now. I do have to say: it makes a huge change going from a dark to a light theme. I have no idea what the actual psychological effect is, but it just feels different. Of course, I'm using some different colours as well as different bullets, as well as padding and other things, so there's a lot going on apart from the background being an off-white. But it sure does look nice. Much as I love the default Spacemacs theme, and it is beautiful and one of the best I've ever seen anywhere, I just got tired of staring at a dark screen all the time. The light theme is done by the same artist and is well worth a try.