Stranger Things 3

I finished watching Stranger Things 3 (Yeah, pretty much bing-watched it). It was as fun as I expected. Actually, it was a whole lot better than 1 and 2, I think. I'm not certain if this was deliberately done but the parallels with the Russians, and a corrupt politician selling out America and putting on a big July 4th patriotic display all with underhanded real-estate deals was a pretty obvious pointer to me. I'm certain that many others will make the connection and I'm fairly certain that the creators will deny that this has any political message at all, but they've had a year and a half to write and produce this so let's be honest here. Maybe that's why I liked the story more than the first two (which were already very, very, good). Ah, but I pontificate. The great thing about Stranger Things are the tons of comedic moments thrown in. The whole New Coke vs. Classic Coke moment is wonderful and, if you were alive back then, you'd really appreciate it so much more. That sort of thing is definitely playing to the kind of age group which remembers those times. I remember the hey days of the 80s malls, as I grew up and hung out with my friends at the King of Prussia mall when I was in High School. We often went to buy the latest album (I remember buying, for instance, a Heart album - on vinyl no less) in my jeans jacket and eating at the food court under the different colors of various neon lights. That sort of thing is all there in Stranger Things, especially in season 3.