The Whistle-Blower Complaint and a Betrayal

The Maddow Blog has linked a professional audio-book reading from Penguin Books of the Whistle-Blower complaint against the Trump Administration for those who don't have the time to read the actual nine page document. Click here to listen to it. I'm still convinced, I think like most people, that it doesn't matter what is discovered in one sense because the Republicans will never, ever, vote to remove this President in the Senate no matter what he has done, or does - up to, and including, murdering somebody in full view of the world press on the White House lawn. They have become a party of spineless traitors and they gleefully have their tongues so far up Trump's fetid anus and joyfully suck at his excrement and call it caviar. What they are is utterly reprehensible. What should happen is that they should be held accountable after all of this is over, and I mean every single one of them. Every single Republican in the Senate and House who voted to obfuscate and lie about this President should be brought up on charges and tried on those charges. What charges, you might ask? Well, charges of conspiracy against the United States. I realize that we're talking about hundreds of people, but so be it. There has to be a price to all of this, and not just with one single man. There has to be a price for the entire movement which supported this. There has to be a price with the entire political party who enabled this to happen and gave Trump the power to do what he has done. There has to be severe, stringent, penalties to pay in full view of the public so as to start to "de-Trumpify" the nation, just as we had to "de-Nazify" Germany after the war. Unfortunately, the Democrats are acting like a gathering of spineless hippies who just want everyone to love them and convince them that they can be their friends too. Guess what? Uncle Jeb with his AR-15 waiting for the "guv'mint" to come take away his guns, isn't gonna be convinced that the Democrats aren't the spawn of "Satan". He's not going to be convinced that the Democrats can be friends with him, and the Democrats should stop pretending that this could change. They need to stop mucking about. They need to pick out a firebrand who can stun the nation into silence on the house floor - stun them with moral outrage about what is going on. Stun them and shame them and make them realize just what they have done and what they have accepted and normalized in this decrepit culture of banal evil. All of this racism, all of this homophobia, sexism, and all of the rest - Trump didn't create it. How many times have we heard it? It comes from deep within and the culture has enabled it time and time again. It has been reinforced by a cold and uncaring culture full of stupidity where the "reality TV show" rules supreme - our version of bread and circuses. I warned about this back in 2001 when everyone started watching "Survivor" (I have yet to watch a single episode of a single "reality TV show" - ever). I told everyone that this would be the end of our culture as we know it. People thought I was making too much of it. They thought I was some sort of out of control moralistic moron for denouncing what they thought of as mere "entertainment". Well, look where it has gotten us. Our culture has to take a damn good look at itself in every respect and every corner - from arts and entertainment, to politics, to our everyday attitude and acceptance of moronic ideas about the non-acceptance of science over idiocy such as the flat earth, anti-vaccine advocacy, people who believe that angels walk amongst us, young earth creationists, old earth creationists, crystal healing idiots, homeopathy idiots, and so much more. All of this idiocy matters - *ideas* matter. If you have a country full of people who think that it is acceptable to kill people with dark skin, then those ideas *matter*. We need to stop pretending that ideas don't matter and that "everyone is entitled to their ideas". Sure, you're entitled to your ideas but it doesn't mean that you can't be challenged on them and outright mocked for them if they represent backwards or nonsensical thought. And if they represent ideas which enable the worse thugs to take power and start dismantling our democracy, then those ideas really need to be dealt with in a decisive way - not just left to fester for yet another election cycle. That's why all of those people in power who enabled this need to suffer come serious consequences. Many need to go to jail for what they have done. They know what they are doing, and it is a crime. It is a crime to enable this. It is a crime to connive and collude with this "administration" and support it. This "administration" should never have been allowed to take power. The founding fathers would never, ever, have allowed a person like Trump to be President, and we all know it. They would have been horrified that such an uncouth, narcissistic, uneducated, unlettered, sociopathic, egotistical brute should ever have been allowed to run the nation. They would never, ever, have supported his obvious crimes in office either. For the Republicans to have allowed this to happen is literally criminal. It goes against everything the founding fathers believed in, and it betrays the nation as a whole.